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Journey to the Spiritual Heart of Australia: Uluru Travel Guide

Visiting Uluru is a must. For Aussies, for travellers, for everyone. It's a right of passage - have you really been to Australia if you haven't been to Uluru? In this article: Getting to UluruWhere to StayHow to get aroundWhere are the best viewsExploring Uluru itselfClimbing UluruTours of Uluru and surroundsField of Light - a […]

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The best places to see in New Zealand's South Island

Last year I hopped across the pond from Sydney to New Zealand for the first time. Lots of planning went into this trip and almost nothing happened how it was planned. But I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a couple of restrictions when booking our trip to the Land of the long white cloud. […]

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Live outside the box with PurePods: Unique glass eco-cabins in New Zealand

New Zealand is a wild, free and beautiful country. It's isolated, rugged and just all around epic. If you've ever seen a Lord of the Rings movie, you would see why. One of my must-do's in New Zealand is the PurePods experience. PurePods are sustainable cabins made entirely of heavy duty glass (floors and ceilings […]

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Enjoy a Stunning Staycation at the Shangri-La Sydney

I am a huge fan of staycations. We don't always have the money to go on a lavish overseas holiday. A quick weekend away (or not so far away) works just as well to revitalise our spirits. Last year I got the chance to stay at one of my absolute bucket list hotels - The […]

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10 Unique things to see and do in NYC

New York City is full of wonderful and exciting activities and places to see. Below I list some of my absolute favourite unique things to see and do in NYC that you may or may not have heard of before. Hopefully this will help you get off the beaten path a little and see more […]

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The best things to do in Hunter Valley for a weekend getaway

Are you looking for the perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney? I have THE perfect place for you to go. Think wineries, great food, views for days, constant events and all the best spots to sit back and relax, or party it up with your friends - there are so many […]

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